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Hi Peggy (and Mike), I've decided on a name for the Brandy's red female (bright green collar). Her name will be Ginny (named after Ginevra Weasley from the Harry Potter books). She's doing well so far! She sniffed around her new area, played with her new toys and now she's taking a nap! Thanks so much for this darling little girl!         Renee D.          10/5/2014
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Hi Peggy, Just wanted to let you know that we love our puppy!  We named him Fred.  He seems to be adjusting well to his new home and is getting a lot of attention.  We took him to the Vet yesterday for his checkup and everything is good. They called this morning and he came back negative for worms.  Thanks again!  It is so nice to have a dog in the house again.  I"ll send you some pics as he gets older. Deb    10/3/2013
Hi Peggy, Just wanted to thank you again! Our family loves Freddy! Debbie      4/15/2014
One Year Old
Hi Mom, I had my first hair cut. I have a great new Mom and house. I miss you! Love Bailey J. Barbara W.     4/2/2013
Bailey J.
Hello again, Everything has gone really well, and Sammy has been an energetic and happy puppy learning new things and the new environment fast. He is following us all the time at home and plays cheerfully with his new toys. He has gone to the potty several times, even though doesn’t remember it all the time. He has been sleeping 6-7 hours both nights in a crate/comfy dog bed in our bedroom. The whole family is filled with joy in having Sammy as part of our life. We will go to the vet this week. I understood that all his vaccinations are already given, but wanted to double check so that we can go outside for a walk. Best regards, Barbara  H.      12/8/2014
Hi Peggy - I thought you might be entertained by these recent pics of Lucy--She is a GREAT dog and I love her. Carol  G.   10/25/2009   10/25/2010   11/11/2012
Hello Ms. Peggy, My name is Deanna and I bought a black poodle from you back on March 11th from Bridgett's litter. If you remember I named him Apollo.  Apollo is doing great he just got his first professional grooming done a week or two ago and I think he looks just like his dad (lol).  Hope you enjoy the pic!! Deanna  R.       8/18/2012
Hi Peggy, My mother purchased one of the red puppies between Bella and Bailey. So my daughter thinks that all dogs are named Bella because of our previous dog. So we named her Bella Roo Roo. Bella Roo Roo is a true clown and loves to entertain us so much. The more we laugh at her the more silly she becomes. She has blended well with our family and our now our 3 year old and Bella Roo Roo are the best of friends. Bella Roo Roo is such an amazing Poodle. Well we all know that poodles are just divine but I do believe that it has something to do with your poodles as well. So glad that we were able to find a such a great breeder. In fact my mom loves Bella Roo Roo so much that she is hoping when the time comes and her Standard Poodle has to leave us that you will still be around and she can get a Red/Apricot miniature from you. Thank you Peggy for providing us with such a great addition to our family. With love,  Karisa B.         8/19/2013
Bella Roo Roo
Hello Peggy- I think LuLu must be Bella’s sister.  She was born Feb 22, 2011. She’s grown up to be quite the stinker, but is one of the sweetest, snuggly dogs I know. Nora S.           8/19/2013
Hi Peggy - We are thrilled with our puppy! He is just a doll and is adapting to our home very quickly. He didn't even cry last night in his crate next to me in the bedroom. I got up at 3:00 and took him out. He peed and pooed, then came in and went back to sleep. We chose a simple doggy name that is descriptive: Rusty. We thought that you might enjoy this brief video clip of Rusty and a Babble Ball. He was just fascinated with it. If you haven't seen one, they have a recording of words and phrases. He quickly learned that when he touched it, the noises began. Patricia R.    4/15/2014 Hi Peggy - We just want you to know that we adore our little red boy, Rusty.  He is irrepressible!  Such a character and loving, too.  He is truly our baby.  XOXO Pat          7/15/2014
Rusty Playing with Babble-Ball
Le Roi doing fine. He has a great personality. Knows what to do when we take him out. Sue and I are yard trained. Will send a picture when he grows a little more. Dick           2/12/2010 Le Roi is doing great. He walks with me in the park on his leash. Sometimes stubbornly but he is learning. I met a lady on our walk today who is looking for a poodle puppy. Do you have any left. If so I need your phone No. to give to her Dick O.         3/9/2010
Hi Peggy and Mike, We are so in love with Quinn! He was so good on the way home. He already knows his name and comes - most of the time! The pics by the table were taken as soon as we got home. The pic on the couch was just taken.  He is out!  Traumatic day for the little guy. We've had him in the kennel a few times and he is fine with it - settles right down. We will keep in touch. Vick and Joe        11/7/2014
Today is Junie B Jones' first birthday and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you. She is perfect in every way. Thank you for my baby! Sincerely, Heidi M       2/3/2015
Hi there, I got your name from Ylva R. and Emily R.  They both had such wonderful things to say about you and your doggies.  Looking for our first puppy--my kids are desperate! (13,15 yrs).  I am wondering if your red male is available still?  If no, any upcoming litters? Thank you, Jane V.       10/6/2014
Thank you for the mailing address.  I will work on getting it to you this week. So many people stop to meet our dog since she is so pretty and sweet.  I will pass on your info whenever I can.  Good luck finding home for those puppies...I wish I could take in more.  Take care, Laura B.      8/11/2014
In April of this year my children purchased a mini poodle from you for me. At the time you only had my puppy and her little sister left. I feel I needed to let you know that at the time, my husband of almost 40 years, had only been gone for 8 months. I wanted to let you know, that this little puppy, which I named Lulu, has been a Godsend. We bonded from the very beginning and my healing process improved tremendously. She is such a sweet little puppy, so adorable, and I take her everywhere I go. She is loving and full of personality. I can't thank you enough for her. Sincerely, Lily V.       9/21/2012
Hello Peggy, just wanted you to know, I purchased one of the black females from the litter of 2/13/2011, she is the sweetest, quietest, loving, puppy we have ever owned. She is potty trained now and in the process of sit, stay, come etc., and learning quickley. She has the gait in her walk that you talked about. We love her so much and she is attached to the hip of our older female Schnauzer, they have a good time romping with each other. Thank you for being a quality breeder. Linda W.           7/12/2011
Puppy is 7 months old now. He is adorable. Everyone loves him. M. Z.     3/23/2015
It looks to me like Pudding is smiling.
Pudding likes to watch TV!  That is a sign of intelligence!
Peggy, His name is pudding. Thanks for selling me a good puppy ! I love him! M. Z.      3/25/2015
Dear Peggy I can't believe almost a week has passed since I got little Cooper  ! He is fun, funny, and adorable. My family is all crazy about him . He has been eating well and drinking plenty of water. I took him to the vet on Tuesday and everything is fine. The vet said she could tell immediately he was a purebred puppy and  will be a beautiful dog. He continues to be very mellow and is used to his crate at night and for naps during the day ! The first night was scary for him, but since then, he has slept all night , usually from 10:30 pm to 7:30 am. I know that he has changed my life for the better, and I have you to thank for that. I will keep you updated, and I will send you some photos from my cell phone. Thank you Betty M.         4/4/2015
Hi Mike and Peggy, Thank you for meeting us in Vallejo and bringing our little girl to us!  We named her Penelope - AKA Penny. She was very good on the ride home - just a little whimpering and then she fell asleep for most of the ride.  We had a little travel kennel with but we think it's good for the bonding to hold them on the ride home.  Quinn loves her and likes having her to play with, although he is quite a bit bigger than she is.  He doesn't know his own strength and wants to play rough with her.  But this morning, she was pawing and chasing him!  so, he may be in for a rude awakening and a little pay back some day. She slept through the night!  She was in my lap for quite some time last evening and then I took her out to do her business around 10 p.m. and then put her in her kennel and she slept all night until I woke her up around 6:15. I just registered her on line.  Her AKC name is BRANDY'S PRECIOUS LIL' RED PENELOPE. I will send pictures soon. Sincerely, Vicki D.         4/1/2015 I just took a few more and then she fell asleep.  see attached.           4/1/2015
Purebred AKC Miniature Poodles Only
Note: The cream dog, Quinn, was purchased from us also.
Hi Mike and Peggy, It's been a little over a week since we got our sweet little Penny.  As you can see, she and Quinn have taken to each other!  She is now the one that initiates the rough play with him!  They seem to enjoy sleeping together for awhile on the big cushion before they go outside one last time and then to their kennels for the night.  First thing in the morning, they look for each other! Sincerely, Vicki D.     4/9/2015
Dear Peggy and Mike,   Our puppy Meika is now 1 year old! Since the day we took Meika home she has brought so much joy into our lives! Thank you for making the process of getting our first puppy so easy and enjoyable. We appreciated that our puppy had all of her shots and that you provided all of the paperwork including the forms to register her with the AKC.   Meika has completed two training courses and she is currently in another. She’s great with other dogs and people, especially kids. She is extremely smart and loving and we are lucky to have her in our lives. She is a beautiful puppy and so well behaved people are always asking us where we got her; we always tell them about PeggysPuppies.net and your champion bloodlines. She really is an amazing puppy.   We’ve attached some pictures of her throughout the 8 months we’ve had her.   Thank you!   Cory, Holly and Meika B.     8/9/2015
We love  Archoog! Our puppy, it means teddy bear in Armenian!! Thank you!!! Lara   1/7/2016
Hello mike and peggy we are loving this cute wild little dog.She loves to bark at that dog,growl and trys to attack her in the mirror.  Never a dull moment when she is awake.  She is happy in her new home.
Cindy W.
Hi Peggy, I wanted to share a little update with you on Brandy's little girl. We named her Maggie. She is curious, affectionate, playful, and so sweet! We love her so much and couldn't be happier. She is incredibly social and curious about people. She's also a little fearless and loves to meet all different kinds of people and dogs. Here are a few of my favorite photos of her - I think she knows to pose for the camera! Thanks for everything. Celeste & Peter    9/27/2016
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